Cryo-EM Sample Prep Masterclass

Curated tips and tutorials from the experts at Leica Microsystems and Bitesize Bio.

Now let’s boost your Cryo-Electron Microscopy Know-How

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has undergone a ‘resolution revolution’ in the last few years, owing to advances in imaging hardware, image processing software, and sample preparation improvements.

This powerful technology allows the visualization of biomolecules, from proteins to viruses, and allows snapshots of cellular processes and protein interactions to be seen at high resolution.

If you want to get the best results possible from cryo-EM you need to ensure you optimize the critical step of sample preparation.

To help you achieve reliable and robust results in your cryo-EM workflows, we have collected and collated a selection of tools (AppNotes, Webinars, Tutorials) featuring different techniques and aspects of cryo-EM sample preparation.

These include:

  • Key steps and instrumentation of cryo sample prep including vitrification, light microscopy screening, sectioning, planing, fracturing, milling, coating, and transfer.
  • How you can explore a particular time point of a cellular process at high resolution using optogenetics or electrical field stimulation in combination with HPF.
  • The importance of and strategies for keeping samples under cryo conditions throughout sample preparation workflows.
  • How high pressure freezing allows millisecond freezing of larger samples.
  • An understanding of how computational clearing improves the image quality of vitrified samples.

And more…

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