Absorbance vs. Fluorescence for Sample Quality Control: Your Complete Guide

Fundamental differences explained so you can pick the right approach

Download your complete reference guide to absorbance and fluorescence for sample quality control.

Decide the right approach to check your samples to avoid disruption in your downstream experiments by learning how to confidently determine that they meet your required standards.

In addition to the basic science and requirements of each method, this essential eBook tells you which approach works best for pure and impure samples and how to factor in your intended application for efficient and reliable QC.

What’s inside:

  • The basics of absorbance and fluorescence measurements, their key advantages, and their sample requirements;
  • A detailed comparison of key parameters such as minimum volumes, detection limits, dynamic range, and cost per sample;
  • An explanation of different purity ratios with a reference table detailing what they say about sample quality;
  • The causes of abnormal 260/280 ratios, including the influence of pH and the differences in reported ratios between different spectrophotometer brands;
  • Performance comparison of the leading quantification assay kits.

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